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OUTER CAPE PORTRAIT / The Goldilocks Planet




     I live in Eastham with my mom, my dad, and my little sister and four pets.  One’s a dog and three cats. I like to play with my friends and go to school in Truro. I like to go to the beach a lot.


If the seas keep rising, the earth will keep changing and changing, and we won’t have an earth. We would be under water, and it would be really upsetting. We wouldn’t get to do the stuff that we usually do right now, like play on the playground. We wouldn’t get to garden, or be in cars. We wouldn’t get to really survive much.  


Animals are important just like we are. We’re not the only beings on Earth.  We are one of the thousands of creatures out there. If we don’t have animals, we won’t have an earth.  So, this is why people need to be less caring about one person, them. You’re not one. There are thousands of others. 


(Do you think adults understand this?)


They’ve had a long time on earth, so I hope that they will understand and start helping and not just thinking about themselves. This is our home. This is the one Goldilocks planet.  It’s not too cold. It’s not too hot.  It’s just right, like the Goldilocks story said. There might be other planets out there. This is the right

one for us.  


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