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Portraits by Marnie Crawford Samuelson celebrate neighbors -- fishermen, oyster growers, artists, and makers -- who are deeply connected to the villages and landscape of the Outer Cape. Through audio recordings, visitors can hear the voices of people in the portraits, as they tell their unique stories.

I like to think of this series as an emerging and admittedly subjective portrait of life here in small villages by the sea.

I began photographing the Outer Cape in the mid-1980s. My early photographs show a Provincetown where neighbors gather for coffee and sodas at the counter at Adams Pharmacy, where a poker game unfolds on a winter night in the West End, and where neighbors and friends care for young men dying of AIDS.


I work in a fluid documentary style capturing moments as they unfold. I also make more contemplative portraits, using a slower, collaborative process. For these, I often choose a simple outdoor studio environment, mix artificial and natural light, and invite the person being photographed to consider this time together as sacred.

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