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OUTER CAPE PORTRAIT / Third Generation




     Dad’s a shellfisherman. Grandma is. Yeah, she’s really good at what she does.  She gets a lot of clams for the truck at the pier. 


     My dad has a huge boat out on his grant.  And me and my brother Asher play on the boat, and when we are not, we dig clams.


     I’ve made like (laughs) 60 bucks in all.  Every clam is about 30 cents, so four clams is like a dollar maybe 20 cents.


     The best day I dug like 200 clams.  Yeah, I used the money to buy Pokemon.  


     I'm probably going to college. Yeah probably. I might be a cop. That’s what I might do.  I haven’t decided yet.  I’m literally only eight-years-old.


     I’m Everett Austin.  I think I’m the only one in my class who does shell fishing. Yeah, it’s a pretty good life.  I’ll say that.


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