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Painter & Creator


In the eighties, Miah began traveling the world as a photojournalist, working with major photo agencies and clients like National Geographic. When he moved to Wellfleet to care for his aging parents, assignments dried up, and Miah followed the tides, making his living here as an oysterman. Today, his greatest pleasure is being in his art studio making things and painting.


I used to make a living at photography. I would do anything for photography. Chasing around the world, I got to go to Spain, go to Morocco. Oh, Casablanca! <laughs> But not anymore.


Five years ago, I have a stroke. The carotid artery exploded. I was paralyzed, couldn't talk. Everything turned to mush, gobbly gook.


I was in the hospital for three, no, five months, no, six months. I was beside myself: How come this is happening to me? And I said, Okay, I got to face this. I have to be strong. Willpower, willpower. I got to fight and move on.


In the rehab place, I worked in pastel and really liked this, and say, I have got to paint now! I do a lot of portraits. Sewing, yeah.  I am into sewing.


So, you see the main thing is to be working, because I have to <laughs>. I don't know why, but I have to! The idea is to realize what's this all about. You don't have much time. Painting is one of the most rewarding things to do. I don't have to be anyone except myself. This is an important idea.


So, I got a good life -- getting up in the morning and watering (the garden), have a workout, one hour, and then paint for one, two, three, four hours. And then I am done. And I walk Matilda (Miah’s service dog), paint some more. I bicycle around the parking lot four times, and Matilda is walking right beside me. She is happy with me.


I am happy. Letting go. Laugh! Laugh out loud. You got to laugh out loud and be good to each other. This is what this has to offer, yeah.

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