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Finding Your Way From Loss to Peace
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     There comes a time when most of us – who have ever loved someone or something – will experience profound loss and grieve. When we feel alone, shocked, confused, and heart broken; when we are no longer tethered to the life we had, and do not yet recognize a new landscape of our days. We wrote OPENING TO GRIEF as a gentle companion book for this tender time and terrain.


OPENING TO GRIEF is available at local independent bookstores and major book retailers.

– Claire & Marnie

OPENING TO GRIEF invites readers to approach and be with their grief, rather than turn away and try to avoid it. The authors mix reflections with simple yet profound practices anchored in mindfulness. It's easy-to-read and

a wonderful addition to the grief literature.

   – Sue Morris, PsyD.,                

      Director of Bereavement Services, Dana- Farber

      Brigham & Women's Cancer Center, Boston, MA

In a world of increasing isolation and deep sorrow, OPENING TO GRIEF offers the medicine needed: a companion of voices, deep reflection, and masterful guidance.


– Sensei Koshin Paley Ellison, Guiding Teacher of

     The New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care.

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