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Throughout his life (1905-2006) Stanley Kunitz created poetry and tended gardens....Beginning with the garden, that "work of the imagination," the explorations journey through personal recollections, the creative process, and the harmony of the life cycle….

– WW Norton & Company

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Lovely, lovely, lovely. Life, vitality, joy in the world, death, poetry and plant cycles. Part poetry, part reflective journal, part interview, part photography. So glad for the experience. A big "thank you for sharing" to Mr. Kunitz. 


Thoughtful and graceful, the poet’s words unfold like a perfect, slow summer day....

Not surprisingly this wonderful book has never found its way to a bookshelf, since I got it. It belongs on the shelf with my other favorite books, but I can’t imagine it ever joining the company. It will continue making its rounds from the coffee table to the night stand, from the writing desk to the travel bag, always inspiring, comforting, nudging, and enticing.

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 – Violette Stepanluk

– Laura

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