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        TICK DAYS 
A film by Marnie Crawford Samuelson
                Shane Hofeldt

           copyright 2023 Boston Picture Group, Inc.




Larry Dapsis wakes up in the morning thinking about ticks. Working as the county's entomologist, he’s one part tick detective, one part tick evangelist. And he’s at ground zero of a persistent health crisis of tick bites on Cape Cod. 

It’s not just about Lyme disease anymore. Tick bites cause other serious diseases. Dapsis and his scientific partners have recently found a new virus in Cape Cod ticks that is potentially life threatening. And an aggressive new tick, Lone Star, has become established on Cape Cod. 

Dapsis sees his mission – protecting Cape Codders and visitors from ticks – as hand to hand combat. “You do not want to lose a single fight.” Co-directed by Marnie Crawford Samuelson & Shane Hofeldt with an original score by Kyle Oppenheimer.

TICK DAYS screened at Provincetown International Film Festival and Woods Hole Film Festival and at a dozen libraries across the Cape and region.

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